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Mission Statement

The Beausoleil First Nation Lands Department is dedicated to the membership of Beausoleil First Nation, present and future. We will respect our lands and environment by assisting our members with all aspects to land. We will do so by providing the highest quality of service using the most effective lands management practices while maintaining and respecting the vision of our community.

Welcome to the Beausoleil First Nation Lands Management Office's web page! Please browse through our page to get the information you are interested in whether it be leasing or the Lands Program in general.

If you have any questions or you want to acquire more information feel free to contact our office during our regular business hours.

Land Code Information

Updated May 29, 2019

Land Code Summary - Added June 13, 2019

Individual Agreement - Added June 5, 2019

Notice of Vote - Added May 30, 2019

Beausoleil First Nation Land Code - Added May 30, 2019

Ratification Process - Added May 30, 2019

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Land Regime Comparisons - Added March 15, 2017

Principle Differences Between the FA and the Indian Act 53-60 - Added March 15, 2017

Beausoleil First Nation By-law Section

BFN by-law No. 20 - (Beach by-law).

BFN by-law No. 19 - (Garbage by-law).

Lands News and Updates

Important Dates to Remember! - Added March 19, 2019

ILRS Stats for December 2018 - Added March 19, 2019

Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act

Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property

ILRS Stats - April-September 2018 - Added October 22, 2018

Driveway Standards 2015 - Added January 22, 2015

Notice to BSB Cottagers - Added January 22, 2015

Community Notice 2015 - Added January 22, 2015

Blank Building Permit 2018 - Added July 11, 2018 - NEW

Boundary Notification 2015 - Added January 22, 2015

Insurance Requirements 2015 - Added January 22, 2015

CPIC 2015 - Added January 22, 2015

Credit Check Consent Form 2015 - Added January 22, 2015

Notice to Big Sand Bay Cottagers

As you have noticed, the Beach Rule signs have been posted at all entranceways to Big Sand Bay. We request that everyone be mindful of the beach rules and enjoy your Big Sand Bay experience!!

The Lands Department however, has been reviewing issues that have been raised regarding the beach rules that are being implemented at Big Sand Bay beach.

By implementing these rules, it is not the intention of the Lands Office or the Beausoleil First Nation to discriminate against anyone with disability issues. We acknowledge that some of the issues concerning access for persons with disabilities needs to be addressed further and some accommodations made.

Therefore, as directed by Chief and Council of Beausoleil First Nation, and until such time as a solid plan is developed, lessees who have accessibility issues may be granted consideration to some of the rules posted. The lessee can apply to the First Nation Lands Department to be permitted to keep some of their personal items on the beach, ie. an umbrella and chair, or permitted the use of a golf-cart on the beach. Please note: the permitted use of the items listed will be for the benefit of the person named on the approval. The Lands Office will review each request on a case-by-case basis. Further, such requests must be made in writing to the Lands Office or the applicant can make an appointment to meet with any member of the Lands Department (See Jane, Crystal or Mike) This permitting system will be in place for the duration of the 2013 summer season only.

All other items, such as boats, waverunners, sailboats must be removed from the public beach area.

We further request that all permanent and/or semi-permanent structures (storage boxes/containers, benches, winches etc.) be removed immediately. Any items that are not previously approved by the Lands Department to remain on the beach will be confiscated at the owner's expense.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Lands Department on behalf of Chief and Council Beausoleil First Nation

Some History of Christian Island

Please don't get confused, the island goes by many names. The main one is Christian Island. However the name of the First Nation is Beausoleil. Some of the community members also refer to it as Chimnissing which in our Native Language means "Big Island".

We are situated 1.5 hours drive north of Toronto. We are located in the heart of Georgian Bay, just a short 20 minute ferry ride from the mainland.

We have it all! White, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a rich marine heritage that includes great shipwrecks! Gordon Lightfoot has personally enjoyed the beautiful scenery and waters of the area (so much so he has even written a song called "Christian Island").

The recorded history of Christian Island dates back to the Huron Indians and Jesuit ruins at St. Marie II, erected in the 1600s. The island is home to the Beausoleil First Nation people.


Some of the services the Lands Department assists with are;

  • Lands Transactions;
  • Leasing;
  • Surveys;
  • GIS;
  • Species at Risk;
  • Environmental Management;
  • Forestry;
  • Land Use Planning;
  • Commissioning;

Lands Transactions

Our department can assist with your lands transactions, such as Land Transfers; Transfer of Lawful Possession (Please note: that we have a policy to follow when it comes to Transferring a Lawful Possession. In addition to this policy the Lands Department will require a written request to initiate a Land Transfer. The Transferor is also required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding prior to executing the documents). under a Will or Intestacy; etc. Call us and we can assist you!


Since 1956, Christian Island has offered cottage leasing. There are 184 lots located on the northern side of the island, known as Big Sand Bay. Of these 184 lots there are only a few vacant lots available for leasing. We also have a cottage subdivision on the southern part of the island known as the Lighthouse Point. All of those, 105 lots, are currently leased. We, in the Lands Department, also assist in the management of First Nation members leasing activities. For more information about "Locatee Leasing" or "Leasing" activities please contact our office.

Ways to Pay!

For all lease payments (including service charges) the Lands Department now accepts Debit and Major Credit Cards.

You can also make payment by cheque or cash.

BFN Leasing Policies

Beausoleil First Nation requires credit and criminal reference checks from all new or potential lessees. Credit checks will be initiated by the Lands Office.

Potential lessees must initiate a CPIC on their own, through their closest police detachment and provide to the Lands Office.

These checks must be included with all applications to lease, any renewals of leases or assignments of leases or when deemed appropriate to evaluate the applicants background. The information collected will be used for leasing purposes only. Applications, renewals and assignments of leases will not be considered or approved until receipt of both the credit check and criminal reference check by the Lands Office.

Building Permits

All Lessees are required to take out a building permit with the First Nation. This includes first time building, renovations, septic systems, driveways, etc.

Please take note that Marcella Sunday and Dana Monague will now be responsible for issuing and monitoring all building permits.

See contact information below.

Service Fees

All of the Lessees pay an annual service charge, which covers the following services:

  • Fire Protection;
  • Policing Services;
  • Emergency Services;
  • Roads Maintenance;
  • Garbage Collection

Leasing Documents - Updated January 2015

Driveway Standards 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Notice to BSB Cottagers - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Community Notice 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Blank Building Permit 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Boundary Notification 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Insurance Requirements 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Fee Schedule 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

CPIC 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Credit Check Consent Form 2015 - Added Janaury 22, 2015

Any delinquent accounts are automatically referred to a collection agency for prompt retrieval.


Occasionally the Lands Department receives extra funding to assist members with an Accredited Survey. An Application for Funding for Survey Requests can be picked up in the Lands Department. Please note that if you are making a request for a survey, the assistance is an advance, of sorts. The advance requires 100% payback from the applicant. This application is also used for Boundary Location. It is important to note that when an Individual Land Holder requests for a Boundary Location, our office requires the request to be in writing from all interested parties and includes applicable fees.


Lands Manager Jane Copegog 705-247-8981 Ext. 256
Compliance Supervisor Mike Smith 705-247-8986 Ext. 254
Lands Officer Crystal Roote 705-247-8977 Ext. 257
Lands Compliance Officer Dana Monague 705-247-8974 Ext. 242
Lands Compliance Officer Marcella Sunday 705-247-2872 Ext. 234
Climate Liaison Chantel Desrochers 705-247-8972


We are always looking for ideas or thoughts pertaining to the Lands Department. What would you like to see happen to improve the services or management of our lands? If you do have concerns it would be best to sign your name so we can get back to you with information or call you in for a friendly discussion on the issues you may be concerned about or like.


The Lands Department