Capital and Public Works

The Beausoleil First Nation Capital and Public Works team work to keep our community clean, Our team has worked hard over the past year and a half with maximum effort and amazing results. In a team environment, we have produced the results needed to keep our community in running form. Here is a listing of the Finance & Administration Team:

Director of Capital & Public Works Bruce Marsden Jr.
Public Works Administrative Assistant Dawn Smith
Waste & Recycling Manager Allison King
Water Treatment Roland Sylvester
Roads Manager Rick Monague
Housing Manager Amanda Mixemong
Tenant Coordinator Mercedes Sandy
Ferries Coordinator TBD

Septic Pump-outs

Memo to seasonal residents (cottagers):

Septic Pump-outs are now $200.00 per 1000 gallon tanks as of June 1, 2014

Public Works is requesting that all pump puts be pre-paid at the Beausoleil First Nation Finance Department prior to service being completed. In the event of an emergency, payment can be made 24 hours following completion of Pump Out service. Cash payments will no longer be accepted by anyone other than the Finance Department. A copy of all receipts should be submitted to the Capital & Public Works Administration Clerk.

If Housing or Social Services is covering the expenses of your Pump Out prior approval is required. As always signup requested and is available at the front desk of the Admin. Building.

Porta Potty rentals must be requested 2 weeks in advance. Base price for rental is $100.00 includes Pump Out. Prices may vary based on length of rental.

Bin Rentals

$50.00 per day for residents
$62.50 per day for non-residents

Waste and Recycling Schedule

Garbage pickup is on Mondays and Thursdays
Compost pick up is on Tuesdays
Recycling is on Wednesdays
Heavy/Commercial bin pick up is on Fridays

Aggregate Price List 2011

Rates apply to Beausoleil First Nation members only

Material Price Per Load
Granular "A" $144.00
Granular "B" $92.00
3/4" minus clear stone $245.00
1' plus clear stone $245.00
Sandfill $73.00
Topsoil $220.00

- Prices based on average truck load of 15 cu. Yrds

- Trucking rate @ $85.00/hr.

*Payments are to be made payable to:

Beausoleil First Nation c/o Public Works Construction Division

Equipment Average Rate/Day
Dozer $90.00/hr
Ford 2 Ton Flat Bed $95.00
Tandem Dump Truck $85.00
Excavator $110.00
Grader $105.00
Tractor/Floater $85.00
Loader $80.00
Ford Tractor $70.00

*Rates apply to Beausoleil First Nation Members only

*Add 25% to non-member requests

*For special projects rates will be negotiated on a project by project basis.