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Housing Updates

Rapid Housing Initiative - August 2021

Off Reserve Housing Programs Available

To learn more about the programs and resources available, please follow the links listed below.

County of Simcoe Non-Profit, Co-Operative & Urban Native Housing Program
Non-profit housing is owned and managed by local non-profit housing groups. Co-operative housing is owned and managed directly by its members. Urban Native housing programs are units specifically for individuals with Native Status. County of Simcoe Non-Profit, Co-Operative & Urban Native Housing Program

Affordable Housing in Ontario

Ontario programs available to help you have a safe and affordable place to call home.

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services provides assistance and resources across the province.
Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services

Miziwe Biik Development Corporation

MBDC engages in activities that focus on access to business development initiatives, training and affordable housing within the GTA area. Miziwe Biik Development Corporation

BFN Housing Statement of Purpose

It is the intention of the Council and the Housing Committee to accommodate the housing needs of our members, in accordance with the Beausoleil Housing Policy and subject to the availability of accommodations and funds.

Council's mandate is to ensure First Nation members and employees have equal access to, affordable housing and to establish criteria that all the members must follow.


It is the Beausoleil Housing Committee's main objective to ensure First Nation members and Employees be provided with fair, consistent housing services with equal opportunity through the implementation of the Beausoleil Housing Policy.

The Council retains final approval on all matters pertaining to the Housing Program. Click the below links for more information.

Housing Department | Staff | Application Procedure

Housing Policies

BFN Market Based Housing Policy - Added January 18, 2016

BFN Rental Policy - Added January 18, 2016

BFN RRAP and HASI Policy - Added January 18, 2016

BFN Revolving Renovation Loan Policy - Added January 18, 2016

BFN Section 95 Housing Policy - Added January 18, 2016

The goal and objective of the department is to preserve and protect the assets of the community by providing services necessary for the administrative, financial, technical and maintenance of First Nation owned homes and programs.

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Property Management of Residential and Public Buildings
  • Rental and Mortgage Administration
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Planning, development and implementation of Community Housing Programs including New Construction and Renos

Administrative Services

  • Budgets and Cash Flows
  • Operating Expenses Controls
  • Annual Housing Work Plans
  • Report and Specification Writing
  • Contract Administration

Housing Programs

  • Beausoleil Rental Units
  • Mortgage Administration
  • Minor Capital Renovations
  • CMHC Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
  • CMHC On-Reserve Rental Housing Program - Section 95 N.H.A


Amanda Mixemong assumed responsibility of Housing Manager in January 2009 but has worked in the Housing Department since 2001. Amanda has successfully completed Part 1 of a lengthy 4 Part Course called, Property & Building Administration, through the Institute of Housing Management.

As the Housing Manager, Amanda is responsible for the overall operation of the Beausoleil First Nation Housing Department. Amanda reports and works under the Chief and Council and also reports Bi monthly to the Band Administrator; upon request. The housing Manager is directly accountable to Chief and Council and reports to them on all housing issues.

Some of the Housing Managers duties and responsibilities include; Preliminary Assessments, reviewing and examine blueprints, planning and developing an annual budget required for new construction, repairs, renovations and maintenance, authorize and maintain control on purchase/work orders and maintain effective liaison and co-ordination with retained services both on and off reserve.

The main goal of the Housing Manager is to ensure the members of Beausoleil First Nation are provided with expert advice and support in the area of Housing Construction/ Renovations, as well as to provide high quality affordable housing.

Maintenance Coordinator/Site Supervisor- Craig Monague ext 255

Craig has been employed with the Housing Department since 2003 and brings with him many years of experience in the construction and renovation field. Craig is a licensed/ R 2000 Carpenter, who is consistently upgrading his skills, in the Construction/Renovation Field. As the Maintenance Coordinator/ Site Supervisor, Craig reports directly to the Housing Manager

Craig is responsible for a wide range of duties which include; responding to tenant/homeowner inquires, general inspections, locking/securing vacant units, reviewing and examines blueprints. He is also responsible for contacting our contractors both on and off reserve and coordinating the delivery of all our supplies.

Craig is on call to all various projects/job sites throughout the community. Some of his administrative duties are requesting and reviewing quotes for all materials, responding to emails, telephone inquiries and messages, purchase orders and faxing, scheduling all inspections regarding construction, renovation and or health and safety issues.

Technical Services and Inspections

  • Ogemawahj Tribal Council - Infrastructure Specialist
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Application Procedures

1. Minor Capital Renovations
3. Rental Applications

When funding is available, the following steps are necessary and followed to ensure a fair process for the access to housing assistance by community members.

Applications for these three housing programs are available during posting only.

A notice is posted, inviting eligible Beausoleil First Nation Members to apply. It is to the applicant's advantage to fill the application to its entirety. Applicants are encouraged to attach a cover letter to their application, if there is any additional information they wish the Housing Committee to consider during selection.

Completed applications are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and are to be delivered or mailed to the First Nation Administration Office to the Attention of the "Administrator".

Submitted applications are placed in an envelope, to be sealed on the deadline date, and re-opened at the time of selection. Each applicant meeting the eligibility criteria set out in this policy are processed through a point system based on needs. Applicants are further assessed by the Housing Committee who make final recommendation to Council.

Completed applications received will be processed accordingly and kept on file, appropriate correspondence is sent to each applicant upon approval & rejection.

The Selection Process

After the posting deadline, the Housing Committee will meet to review all applications received and then complete a screening process for eligibility criteria.

Each applicant meeting the criteria set out in this policy will be processed equally, using the point system based on needs.

If the Beausoleil Housing Committee deemed necessary, personal interviews will be conducted with the applicants.

References are required from each applicant, to be submitted with application as follows:
1 rental reference & 1 hydro reference

Results from the Point System Evaluation will be organized, complied and presented to Council for final approval. All applicantions processed will be notified by the Housing Committee or Housing Department once recommendations have been approved by Council.

Please ensure that you attach the following with your rental application package:

*Attach this checklist with your application

  • BFN Rental Unit Application Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Hydro Reference (Copy of most recent hydro bill)
  • Rental Reference
  • Verification of Income (i.e. pay, social assistance, and/or ODSP stub)

It is to the applicant(s) benefit to ensure that you include the above information with your rental application package.

Housing Staff

Housing Manager Amanda Mixemong
Housing Assistant Isabella Marsden
Housing Maintenance Craig Monague