Jordan's Principle in Beausoleil

Aaniin kina wiiya,

I am pleased to provide this brief introduction to let our community know that I have just been hired as the Jordan's Principal Navigator for Beausoleil First Nation. It is my intent to ensure that families who have children that are citizens of our community, who may have unmet needs in health, social or education are fully aware of Jordan's Principle so you can access coverage/payment for services, products or supports to meet your child's needs. My role will be to promote awareness and understanding of Jordan's Principle, to provide assistance in applying (you will have to provide me with consent) with your request and to help advocate where and when necessary.

You may also apply on your own to Indigenous Service Canada (ISC) FOCAL POINTS - 1-855-572-4453 no matter where your child resides in Canada (each region has their specific intake process). Presently I am familiarizing myself with services and supports that are available in our community now, services and supports that can be accessed in our immediate region that serve the needs of children; but my immediate priority is getting as much information on JORDAN'S PRINCIPLE as I can so that I can share that with you. Although my start here has been a bit wobbly, once the Rink facility is completed, the Jordan's Principle office will be based from there. I am excited to be in this meaningful and supportive role to assist our families with children to access public services that they need when they need them. Please feel free to contact me via email or by cell if you wish to discuss Jordan's Principle - I also am available to come to your home if you prefer (Island & Cedar Point).

JORDAN'S PRINCIPLE is a principle that ensures there is substantive equality and that there are no gaps in publicly-funded health, social and education programs, services and supports for First Nations children. According to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT), JORDAN'S PRINCIPLE:

  • Applies to all First Nations children, 0 to 18 years of age, regardless of whether they live on or off-reserve in Canada
  • Applies to all government services for First Nations children including mental health, special education, dental, early childhood services, physical therapy, speech therapy, medical equipment and more.
  • Is not limited to children with disabilities.
  • Can provide services to First Nations children even when the service is not available to other children.
  • Ensures that Canada must make a decision on individual requests for supports and services for First Nations children within 12- 48 hours of receiving a completed request, with special provisions for urgent cases where a child has a health or safety risk, which will be responded to within 12 hours of receiving a completed request.
  • States that the government of first contact must pay for services - governments and departments will work together afterwards to figure out who pays.
  • Applies to requests for an individual child's needs, or those for groups of children.
  • What is Covered?

    Jordan's Principle covers all public services such as mental health, special education, dental, physical therapy, medical equipment, physiotherapy and more. Jordan's Principle goes above and beyond the normative standard for non-Indigenous people in Canada in cases where doing so would ensure culturally appropriate service provision, support substantive equality or be in the best interest of the child. The following list contains some examples of products and services that have been funded by Jordan's Principle. Each situation is different and all requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may is not limited to the list noted:

    Health Social Education
    Mobility aids Social worker Tutoring services
    Wheelchair ramps Land-based activities Teaching Assistants
    Medical supplies Respite care - individual or group Psycho-educational assessments
    Mental health services Specialized programs based on cultural beliefs and practices Assistive technology and electronics
    Services from elders PSW School supplies

    I absolutely encourage a request be made on behalf of a child(ren) if you feel JORDAN'S PRINCIPLE can support your child(ren) in ways that improve their unmet needs in the areas of health, social and education.

    AFN Jordan's Principle Handbook

    AFN Jordan's Principle Handbook

    For more information or to make a request you have a number of options:

    Jordan's Principle Navigator

    Rebecca Monague (verbal or emailed consent needed)
    Tel: (705) 247-2955

    Regional Service Coordinator/Jordan's Principle Navigator

    Tyler Waddilove (verbal or emailed consent needed)
    Anishinabek Nation/UOI - Jordan's Principle Navigator (southern regions)


    The Department of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) has created Jordan's Principle regional contacts called Focal Points and a national call centre.

    These employees are committed to helping you find out more about Jordan's Principle and they also do the initial application intake - Calling the Jordan's Principle Call Centre:

    1-855-JP-CHILD (1-855-572-4453)

  • Emailing
  • Going to the website:
  • or by contacting the ISC - REGIONAL Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Focal Points

    Vanessa Follon 613-862-5418 or
    Amanda Mitchell - 613-618-1833 or