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Aaniin, Boozhoo! Waab-shki-makoons dizhinakaaz, Migizi doodem,

The Heritage and Cultural Coordinator is a new employment position at Beausoleil First Nation that his operated out of the Niigaaning G'Chi Mnissing Trust Department. This position evolved from the former Treaty Research/Archivist position from 2015 - 2018, and it will help in enhancing the Beausoleil First Nation community and its membership needs to showcase our community journey throughout time using a variety of mediums and methods.

One of the medium term goals of this position is to establish a G'Chiminissing Heritage Lodge that will highlight the historical narrative of B.F.N.'s history, as well as to integrate a showcase venue for our artists, crafters and cultural items and historical narrative for exhibit and display.

Some of the other main focus areas of this position is to:

  • Create a Heritage-Cultural Advisory Committee and terms of reference for it
  • Continue research on ancestral land interests and updating/management of the Treaty Research/Archivist files
  • Identify, develop and implement heritage/cultural interests and activities
  • Produce historical and educational materials for the community and public awareness
  • Create public presentations of historical data and production as required
  • Research, document and develop/showcase historic community interests, practices and ceremonies and special events, including cultural sites and interests
  • Be an advisory resource to the development of any community strategies for future implementation
  • Continue and create new relationships with the surrounding cultural and historical organizations

I welcome this wonderful opportunity to help share with the community the skills and knowledge I've acquired throughout the last decade. I look forward to working with the community, and to do my part in continuing to contribute to BFN's proud heritage and culture.

Contact Information

Clayton Samuel King
Heritage and Culture Coordinator
Niigaaning G'Chi Mnissing Trust Department
Beausoleil First Nation
(705) 247-2051

Hours of Operation
Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 11:30am