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General Band Election - June 23, 2018

Beausoleil First Nation General Band Election 2018 News & Updates

Candidate Information

Candidates have been invited to provide information to be displayed on our community website. Candidate information, views and/or opinions are not endorsed by Beausoleil First Nation and information, views/opinions expressed in the below submissions by candidates are their own. Content is posted as it is received and listed in no particular order.

Candidates for Chief

Roland Monague - Added June 1, 2018 - Requires Adobe Reader

Guy Monague - Added June 1, 2018 - By clicking You will be directed to an external website.

Candidates for Council

Tiffany McCue - Added June 15, 2018

Amber King-Robitaille - Added June 14, 2018

Robin Patrick Copegog - Added June 13, 2018

Braden J. Monague - Added June 12, 2018

Angela Beedie - Added June 7, 2018

Kristin Monague - Added June 4, 2018

Candidate's Forum

Candidate Forum Format - Added June 11, 2018

Candidate's Forum 2018

Polling Notice

*Polling Notice

*Please contact the Electoral Officer if you did not receive Election correspondence thus far.

Electoral Officer

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