Objective of the C.A.R.E Fund

The intent of the C.A.R.E Fund is to provide Cultural Education, Artistic, Recreational, and Entertainment opportunities to the members of Beausoleil First Nation.

In doing so, we will promote healthy wellness, and healthy development for the members of Beausoleil First Nation.

Activities that are targeted at meeting the needs, interests, and aspirations of the members of Beausoleil First Nation will give everyone the opportunity to have fun, socialize, promote physical activity and participate in cultural activities.

Members of Beausoleil First Nation who participate in culture, arts, recreation, or entertainment activities are most likely to promote a healthy community. Thus, the purpose of the fund is aimed at preventing disease, obesity and promoting overall health and wellness.

C.A.R.E Committee Members

Dan B. Monague- Chair Person
Sharon Monague- Co-Chair
Mary Lou Carruthers- Secretary
Cheryl Jamieson- Committee Member
Rosanne Monague- Committee Member
Councillor Cynthia King- Council Portfolio
Owen Monague- Recreation and Events Coordinator/C.A.R.E Coordinator

C.A.R.E Deadlines

The deadline for Individual applications is on the 21st day of every month.

The deadlines for Group applications are as follows

Spring - February 21st
Summer - May 21st
Fall - September 21st
Winter - November 21st

Download C.A.R.E application form below.

C.A.R.E Application

All applications will be graded on the committee's point system. All applications, successful or unsuccessful, will be contacted via email or telephone after recommendations are approved by BFN council.

The Beausoleil First Nation C.A.R.E Committee meets monthly.

Please send all inquiries and applications to care@chimnissing.ca. You will not receive acknowledgement of your application or inquiry by sending to any other address

Thank you for your cooperation

C.A.R.E Program Updates

C.A.R.E Program Updates - Added October 27, 2014

C.A.R.E Policy - Added October 27, 2014

Completed applications can be sent to:

C.A.R.E. Committee
11 Ogemaa Miikaan
Christian Island, ON
L9M 0A9
Fax: (705) 247-2239