Anishinabek Nation Government Agreement


Notice of Vote - Posted December 23, 2019

Information Sessions - Posted January 9, 2020

FAQ's and other information on ANGA - Posted January 9, 2020

Members of Beausoleil First Nation will come to vote in February 2020 on the Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement. As of November 2019, 27 Anishinabek First Nations have signed on. Below are the documents that every member should read to become informed.

Beausoleil First Nation members will receive a small package in the mail in January of 2020, (Canadian residents). However, because the documents are large in size, we have NOT included them into your packages but rather made these documents publicly available for reading below. OR, you may be able to request the documents in hardcopy (noting delivery time) and they will be mailed to you.

You can also visit to become fully informed on the history of ANGA and key personnel that may be able to answer your questions in depth. Information is also provided below. Contact information for the Anishinabek Nation Vote Manager is available below as well.

Members are encouraged to participate in the voting process by mail-in ballot, showing up at the polling station, or by using electronic voting provided by One Feather.

Please contact the Beausoleil First Nation ratification team for more information on the voting process. Information sessions on the voting process will be held at the Christian Island Events Centre in January 2020.

AN Fiscal Agreement AN Governance Agreement AN Implementation Plan
Fiscal Agreement - Initialled Governance Agreement - Initialled Implementation Plan - Initialled
Fiscal Agreement - Plain Language Governance Agreement - Plain Language Implementation Plan - Plain Language

Anishinabek Governance Agreement Information

Anishinabek Governance Agreement Ratification Booklet - Updated January 9, 2020

Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement Ratification Protocol - Updated December 16, 2019

One Feather Electronic Voting Steps - Updated December 16, 2019

Governance Pictograph - Updated December 16, 2019

First Nations with BCR's - Updated December 16, 2019

Anishinabek Nation Contact Information

Ratification Vote Manager
Joe Endanawas
Toll-Free: 1-877-702-5200
Phone: 705-497-9127 x2329
Fax: 705-497-9135

Anishinabek Nation /
Union of Ontario Indians
1 Migizii Miikan
PO Box 711
North Bay, ON P1B 8J8